Nokosee: Rise of the New Seminole, a Native American screenplay

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You're a hip teenage girl from New Jersey
and your boyfriend wears a loincloth.
Your dad wants to kill him. His dad wants to kill you.
So do a band of rednecks down in the Everglades.
But you want to make love at least once before you die.
Scheduling can be such a bitch.

Seventeen-year-old Nokosee, raised in the deep Everglades by a Cuban mother and a Seminole father, has never seen the "Outside" world. When Stormy Jones, a lost punk rocker from New Jersey with "sky eyes" and flamingo hair stumbles into his life during an Everglades fire, cultures clash, sparks fly, love blooms, people die, and two kids, one a little bit punk, and the other way too country, see their lives changed forever.

Life Imitates Art:
On March 30, 2008, the Miami Herald reported a Seminole named Cecil Osceola dressed in the traditional tribal-style shirt showed up at the Everglades Park Shark Valley entrance with a bulldozer to reclaim land that belongs to his people. Waving documents from the 1960's, park rangers said he was polite and left in his bulldozer when he learned that the land he was seeking to build a home on was outside of the park. We think Mr. Osceola must have been inspired after reading Nokosee: Rise of the New Seminole novel which the screenplay is based on. Rumor has it he was wearing a Nokosee tee under his Seminole jacket.

Life Imitates Art, redux:
For those who don't believe any of this is real, please check out this story regarding the discovery of "shoulder fired missiles" recently found in a canal in Palm Beach, Florida. Although the military won't confirm or deny and the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office doesn't know where they came from, we do: Nokosee and his father's mixed-up band of renegades on the run.

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